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About us
Soni Gopaldas Narbheram, age 78 years is the founder. He was born in 1931. His study is upto 3rd standard. His main work is handicraft, gold bangles. Soni Keshvlal Maganlal was his Guru. He had learnt his work at the age of 11 in Bareli, MP. He started his work with his father named Narbheram Maganla Soni in 1944, at the age of 13 years.
He started his independent work in 1960 at Gandhi Road. He invented the very first gold silver bangle in 1966. In 1972, he started designing with electronic machine. Shri Gopaldas has two sons named Bharatbhai & Dilipbhai. Bharatbhai has started working in 1970 & Dilipbhai started working in 1971.
In the year 1974, they first time made Ganga Jamuna bangles with the help of machine. ‘Lagna Chuda’ had been started in 1980.
‘Ganga Jamuna Jewelers’ was incorporated on 1st November, 1988.
The basic thoughts of company are ‘accurate carat and accurate weight’.
The company is based on principles like ‘the wealth which is achieved by immorality, never stay for long’.
They make sure that the carat & weight are accurate. Customer satisfaction, they make new designs with their special experienced designers & by their noble workers under their supervision.
“The gold enhances beauty in bliss & useful in trouble.”
“Sonu togara ni gorma ne pan shobhe.”
Services :
Order are taken according to weight & color
Full attention even to small orders
Excellent designs
Accurate work
Accurate weight
Good finishing
Delivery on time
Future Plans & Targets:
Better catalogues
Fresh designs on website
Fast delivery in best possible way by keeping large stock
Product Details:
‘Ganga Jamuna’ means a little gold work on silver which stay as it is for a long time. Use of less gold means the depreciation on use is less too. Even it looks good with low price. ‘Ganga Jamuna’ is also used with Diamond jewelery. We make ‘Ganga Jamuna’ bangles or bracelets even from old & small jewelery like earrings weighted 2 or 3 grams. Silver does not get black even if we use it in daily wear. It’s better to wear compared to gold jewelery wherein risk is involved.
More designs with gradual time
We make bracelets, bangles, kada, ring, pendants, earrings & necklaces also.
Ganga Jamuna bangles are also famous in national & international markets. It is also used in America, Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Newzeland, South Africa etc.
We also make special kada for men.
From ancient time, ‘Lagna Chuda’ is considered as symbol of good fortune & beauty among women. There is a great importance of ‘Lagna Chuda’ in ornamentation of Indian women. It enhances beauty & also a symbol of faith & good fortune. Chudas like ‘Chitrela Kalatmak Chuda’ & ‘Jadau antique heritage chuda’ enhances the grace of bride. It is in vogue in many states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, West Bengal, Orissa, Haryana, Delhi, Andhra, Bihar & many more.

Bangles are known in various ways like chuda, chudli, kandiya, 1.5 chuda, 2.5 chuda, surati chuda, Punjabi chuda, kalkatti chuda, shankha, pola, ghunghti vadi chudi, gota bandheli chudi, khadak.